What is "Eye To Product Ratio" you ask?

While traveling in Toronto this past week, Hera's Director of Sales Brad Stewart visited this Victoria's Secret store. We are absolutely amazed and inspired by the "Eye To Product Ratio" this store shows.

So...what the heck is Eye To Product Ratio anyway? Hera has coined this term to help describe the contrast in a store that helps attract the eye and steer the customer through your retail environment. It is the way a retailer can increase the number of times your eyes are drawn to specific items on the shelves. Think of bugs and a bug zapper, they are automatically drawn to the light, well it is no different with humans. We are intuitively drawn to the light. 

"Lighting should represent 50% of the ambiance of any designed space, at what should be 10% of the overall cost". Not only does bringing display lighting closer to the merchandise attract customers to the product, but by reducing the amount of ceiling lights, you not only decrease your costs but you simultaneously increase your sales. I will get more into detail about the costs vs. savings in another blog post, but for the introduction of "Eye To Product Ratio", these pictures should tell the story quite well.

Here's what I'm talking about with the bug zapper.
If your eyeballs could pop out of your head,
they would land directly on these shelves.

By applying lighting directly to these shelves, the customers
eyes are automatically drawn directly to the product. Most retail
environments have so much ceiling lighting 

(which is not only a waste of energy)
but it is illuminating the floor instead of what is most important - 

the merchandise!

Great view of rows of Hera's SlimLite XL under these shelves.
With new laws regulating the amount of Watt per square foot in commercial evnironments,this is a creative way 

(much less the BEST way, if I dont say so myself)
to get around that while increasing sales and lowering your overall costs.

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