You wouldn't get dressed in the dark, so why consider having products on the shelf in the dark?

A recent analysis of retail environments at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta supports the perspective that retailers should be reconsidering lighting plans. The findings indicate that less ceiling lighting may be the proper course. Twenty different venues were visited. What was discovered was that on average, retailers have twice as many foot-candles on the floor as they do highlighting the product on the third shelf.

Here is a perfect example of why bringing lighting closer to the merchandise is so effective - Not to mention the energy regulations of 1. 5 W per sq. ft in the ceiling. The fact is-ceiling lights just do not do the job. Or at least not quite as effectively as display lighting installed directly into the shelving.

Objects on shelf are darker than they appear!

27.4 footcandles

These products are literally left "in the dark".
If you were a customer in this store, there is
nothing drawing your eye to the merchandise.

44.6 footcandles
We took measurements with a light meter to show the difference
between lighitng on the floor and lighting on the store shelves.
There is almost TWICE the amount of footcandles on the floor!

    So unless this retail store is selling flooring, why would they even consider illuminating the floor more than the products on the shelf? Your guess is as good as ours. New LED technology with a smaller footprint coupled with energy regulations limiting the amount of lighting coming from the ceiling, bringing lighting closer to eye level is a match made in retail lighting heaven!

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