LED Lighting in Hospitality Design

With Bitac only a little over a month away, I found myself catching up on anything hotel lighting related. I came across this short but sweet "4 Facts of LED Lighting" by Lux Lighting Design and found it to be very informative. Especially from the lighting designers perspective. 
Old Way

The Hera Way

According to Doreen Le May Madden, owner and principle designer of Lux Lighting:

1. LED lighting, though it can be more expensive, gives a higher return on investment for hospitality venues because it offers more lumens per watt, lasts longer, can be applied in high volumes, and is easy to maintain?

2. LEDs are most frequently used for exterior, building facade, pathways, step, and interior decorative lighting in hospitality design?

3. LEDs can be applied in a variety of fixtures, even chandeliers?!

4. The human eye is more attracted to beams of light, such as those generated by dramatic LED accent lighting, than diffused incandescent lighting?

Point #4 really hits home with Hera's famous phrase "Eye To Product Ratio". For those of you that are unfamiliar with this term, Eye to Product Ratio is basically the attraction of the eye to a particular product. Extensive research has been done to prove this theory by Merchant Mechanics. You can read part of that research report HERE.

Do you know how many hours per day hotel lights are left on? It is almost as it we are compelled to leave all the lights on when we leave the room, especially the bathroom! Hera has LED products that use only 1W of energy compared to 100W of what many hotels use bedside now. Can you imagine the savings if bulbs were changed from Incandescent to LED? Who cares who leaves the lights on!

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